Trip report: Whisky, Shortbread and Bag Pipes

May 30th 2015, 14:02 | Written by Konstantin Koll

This trip report is about a few days in Scotland I've recently enjoyed. I've chosen Germanwings (operated by Lufthansa Regional) for my DUS-GLA-DUS run. Enjoy!


I don't live in the Ruhr metro area anymore, so I was up way early to get to DUS by train at 9am on a holiday. It was a rather slow day at the airport, though, so checking in and making my way through security and border control (the United Kingdom is not part of the Schengen area) was a breeze.

Unfortunately, a bit of chaos ensued when a gate change for my flight was announced. The new gate was a domestic bus gate, so all passengers had to go through passport control again, with yet another passport check just before boarding the bus to a remote stand. Although there were only about 80 passengers, the tiny are below the main terminal area was very cramped, and airport staff was clearly unable to cope.

After boarding was completed, I was eager to escape Germany's gray and rainy weather—weather forecast for Scotland was much better, especially for the planned Tuesday in Edinburgh! After takeoff, the infamous Germanwings “service”, consisting of a dry roll, a chocolate bar and a drink, commenced. An uneventful hour of dozing later, we were landing in GLA and pulling to the gate. GLA is a tiny airport compared to DUS, let alone the likes of FRA or LHR, but had some interesting visitors that day: Icelandair is certainly a rather unsual sight, and the Air Transat Airbus A310 is one of the last A310 remaining in passenger service today!

Glasgow and Edinburgh

I've been to Edinburgh twice (although that was 1998 and 2006), but never to Glasgow. Both cities are quite different: Glasgow is much more manorial, whereas Edinburgh has retained a very medieval look. You can definitely see how J.K. Rowling got inspired to write the Harry Potter books in this town!

Spending the afternoon in Glasgow, we decided to take the train to Edinburgh the next day—it's about an hour's ride from Glasgow Central Station to Edinburgh's Waverly Station. We've strolled the Royal Mile and had lunch at the Elephant House before visiting Edinburgh Castle—something I've missed during my first two visits. It's definitely worth it, especially on a clear day, as you'll get plenty of great photo opportunities. Don't forget to stock up on whisky and shortbread on your way back, though :)


After two days it was finally time to head home. I arrived at GLA airport way early, and had some time to kill before the checkin for my flight opened. Checking in and security was a breeze, and I used the remaining time for some last minute shopping (sugar free chocolate and shortbread). Then I explored the comparably small airport, and took some pictures of a Thomas Cook Airbus A330 bound for ATY.

My return flight was delayed considerably—but not only that: I've also witnessed all passengers from the Thomas Cook jet (which should have taken off some 2 hours ago) being offloaded and flooding the relatively small gate are. I don't know what happened, as boarding for my flight began eventually. After some taxiing to the end of the runway, we were on our way to DUS. The pilot apologized for the delay and was confident we'd make up for it due to some serious tail winds. The flight itself was uneventful with the usual sandwhich and chocolate bar service, and we soon approached DUS by flying over my former home town of Dortmund and the entire Ruhr metro area. The jet taxied to a remote stand as expected. After a short bus ride I was happy to see my bag on the belt and to leave the airport. It's been a great trip, though—thanks to anyone involved :)

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