PilotsEYE.tv: Hurghada

April 23rd 2016, 15:57 | Written by Konstantin Koll

About two weeks ago, I was invitied to the pre-screening of the latest PilotsEYE.tv episode, this time an Air Berlin MUC-HRG-MUC rotation on a Boeing 737.

One cockpit—Two pilots—Six cameras

Since 2005, PilotsEYE.tv creates high-quality documentaries directly out of the cockpit of airliners—in HD quality using six cameras mounted behind the cockpit windows and on the glareshield. To date, PilotsEYE.tv is well-known for accuracy and high quality productions.

This episode features one of the last 737 flights of Air Berlin, as they are currently switching to an almost entirely Airbus fleet. The outbound flight AB2932 leaves MUC in the afternoon of March 15th, 2015. The routing is over the Balkan Peninsula. Throughout the cruise, the pilots Cpt. Florian Deiters and F/O Michail Tounas chat away on various topics, like the difference between the classic Boeing 737-400 and the 737-800NG. They've visited an Air Berlin maintenance facility before, and show you around the aircraft. Did you know that the spoilers extend faster, and the angle has increasesd from 52° to 60°, facilitating a steeper descent? If not, you'll love this episode :)

You also learn a lot about other Air Berlin destinations, like CFU and FNC which I've already been to.

Unfortunately, the MUC-HRG-MUC does not have a crew layover, so there's some pre-filmed footage of HRG inserted between flights. HRG, by the way, is a popular warm-water holiday destination for Germans and many other nationals—a friend of mine has been to Egypt countless times on vacation!

The inbound flight AB2933 to MUC is a redeye and not featured too prominently.


This PilotsEYE.tv episode is extremely well done, and it's nice to see how the quality is still improving from the very high level of any previous DVD. As usually, I can highly recommend it as a gift for aviation enthusiasts, or for anyone with ties to either Hughada or Air Berlin. Maybe you've been there yourself?

Personally, this one won't find its way into my collection as I've never been to Egypt, and as you know I'm also more of an Airbus and Lufthansa fanboy :) Thomas, how about doing an episode on a TAP Portugal LIS-FNC-LIS run?

The episode also features a great bonus track “A Pusher's life”:

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