PilotsEYE.tv: Boston/A350

November 13th 2017, 23:59 | Written by Konstantin Koll

A few days ago, I've found the eagerly awaited new PilotsEYE.tv episode in the mail. This one's different—read on to find out more!

About PilotsEYE.tv

Since ten years, PilotsEYE.tv creates high-quality documentaries directly out of the cockpit of airliners—in unparalleled quality and accuracy using ten cameras mounted in the cockpit. To date, PilotsEYE.tv is well-known for accuracy and high quality productions.

This episode is different from all the others I've seen: it does not take the viewer on a flight so much, but is more about Lufthansa's new Airbus A350. The DVD starts with a very nice drone flight over MUC past the tower (it must have been paperwork hell to obtain that permission). There is just one actual flight on this DVD, LH 424 from MUC to BOS on April 4th, 2017. Yes, there is no actual footage of Boston nor the return flight.

That is because the true star of this episode is Lufthansa's shiny new Airbus A350 with MUC as its fleet base. Cpt. Martin Hoell and Senior First Officer (clocking about 17000 and 9500 flight hours respectively) talk about various topics of the Airbus A350, and take a tour through the Airbus plant in TLS with you. You get to see a lot: from mounting the WiFi antennas to laying, autoclaving and water-cutting the carbon fiber wings, from painting to testing the wing devices such as flaps, slats and spoilers—there is not a single minute that does not give some great insights!


As someone who is interested in technology (badmouths would label such a person a “nerd”), I really like this episode. The holiday season is just about to start, so this will be a great gift for anyone with an interest in aviation; for your local travel afficinado: not so much! I'd like to see more episodes in this style every once on a while for other aircraft: the Airbus A380, A330 and Boeing B777 come to my mind (the episode on Seattle already includes a visit to the Boeing factory). But please do this maybe just every second or third episode, as I like to see some beautiful places! As always, these are just my two cents, and your opinion may vary.

P.S.: winter is coming in Europe, so I kindly suggest to do an episode on some island hopping on Aegean Airlines.

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