PilotsEYE.tv: Bangkok

June 23rd 2019, 05:47 | Written by Konstantin Koll

Two months ago, I received the latest PilotsEYE.tv DVD, which accompanies Joe Moser on his last rotation: LEJ-BKK-SIN-BLR-LEJ.

One cockpit—Two pilots—Six cameras

Since almost ten years, PilotsEYE.tv creates high-quality documentaries directly out of the cockpit of airliners—in HD quality using six cameras mounted behind the cockpit windows and on the glareshield. To date, PilotsEYE.tv is well-known for accuracy and high quality productions.

PilotesEYE.tv has a history of featuring several retirement flights, most notably of Norbert Wölfe to LAX and Jürgen Raps to SFO. This is the latest installment: the last commercial flight of Joe Moser to BKK with his colleagues Kai Dömkes and Nora Boussard. Joe Moser is no stranger to PilotsEYE.tv, as he appeared in other episodes.

Captain Moser's last rotation is a four-legged tour to asia: flight 3S 350 departs LEJ on the snowy morning of January 23rd, 2018. The first flight features some great takeoff shots with a sunrise above the clouds and a great music score. While inflight, Joe Moser shares some career stories like a DUS-KBL run in April 2005 or his first 777 flight VIE-TYO.

I have never been to BKK, so I'm glad Cpt. Moser is a decent tour guide: you get a glimpse of the crew hotel, street food, the traffic in Bangkok and a boat tour, concluded with a sunset drink at the Sky Bar (230m make it the highest rooftop bar in the world).

Flight 3S 530 continues to SIN as a red-eye. I've never been to SIN, but the great footage of Singapore's harbor on approach looks a lot like HKG (which I love). During layover, Joe Moser visits the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the aviation-themed WINGS bar (gonna keep that in mind for my first visit).

All good things come to an end, so flight 3S 531 leaves SIN on January 30th, 2018 back to LEJ with a refuelling stop in BLR (no layover or city tour here). Joe Moeser's final flight approaches LEJ at sunset is greeted with a water cannon salute—all filmed from mid-air.


I really like this episode, and was very happy to find the DVD in my mail. I really enjoyed the tours of cities I've never been to, and also Joe Moser's career stories. While I'm a bit of an Airbus fanboy, the inflight footage is great as always—and the crew went the extra mile by renting a helicopter to film Joe Moser's final approach (which is, incidentally, this episode's subtitle).

The PilotsEYE.tv team really went to town with the musical score: from an “Interstellar”-like soundtrack on approach to an interpretation of the “Firefly” theme, music and movie afficinados will enjoy this episode even more!

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